Frequently Asked Questions

Pair Trading is a very popular market neutral strategy which takes out volatility from the market where one exploits the trading pattern between two similar shares in an attempt to generate a low-risk profit. for more details please check here.
No. We are not providing any tips or calls. You can generate your own calls yourself by using the software “Pair Trade Analyser” itself.
Yes, has full information on how to use the software, however if you have any doubt, please contact our contact center, our executives are ready to serve you on all the working days.
It’s varies and depends on your broker. Normally   1.5 lakhs is needed to trade one pair and you have to keep some extra margin for for mark to market (MTM) purpose depends on your broker.
A big NO. In the world of stock market there is no strategy which is completely risk free. But this is a very low risk strategy as we are hedging and it takes off the fear of one side market moment, cause it is market neutral strategy.
We are using EOD stock future data and aggregate data from multiple free data providers like
The signals are generated based on EOD basis and you can enter into trade on next trading day. If you add that pair to Virtual Trade, it’ll update with delayed intraday data that you can exit whenever your want or when meets exit criteria.
PTA is using mean reversion strategy and given options for user to choose from either Price Spread or Price Ratio mean reversion or use both. And the user has the choice to set how many days mean needs to be considered in generating signals.
Yes, you can try and use the software for 15 days to the full extent without any subscription or any restrictions and up to the full extent.

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